Terraria Tools

I constantly find myself making various applications related to the games I play often. Most of them end up languishing away on my harddrive, but some of them reach the point where they are worthy of being released to the public. There is no surprise that it is the same with Terraria, one of my all time favorite games. What does get released can be found here among the pages in this section.


Main article: TML GOG Diffs

These difference patches are the fundamental piece that allows tModLoader to be installed in the GOG versions of Terraria. They were created using the bsdiff tool and are applied using its bspatch companion program.

TML GOG Patcher

Main article: TML GOG Patcher

The TML GOG Patcher provides a simple cross-platform method for applying tModLoader (TML) patches to the Good Old Games (GOG) versions of Terraria.